About Us


Medha Partners B.V. is incorporated in the Netherlands with partner companies based in Belgium, Singapore and India, focused on the supply chain consulting services.

Below are Main Services which are provided by Medha Partners:

We are focusing below key focus areas for SCM Implementation Project:
SAP IBP, SAP APO, S4H PPDS, S4H MRP, S4H aATP, S4H Data Migration for Logistics, SAP Cloud Analytics, Asprova Scheduling.

Our Offerings:

  • SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP).
  • SAP Advanced Planning and Optimiser (APO).
  • SAP Cloud Analytics.
  • Asprova Production Scheduling.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Supply chain.
  • S4Hana:
    1. SAP S4 Hana Production Planning and Detail Scheduling (PPDS).
    2. SAP S4Hana Advanced Available to Promise (ATP).
    3. SAP S4Hana Production Planning ( MRP).
    4. SAP S4Hana Data Migration for Supply chain.

What We Do

Business Philosophy

  • A Reliable extended arm for Organizations to have the better return on IT investments in supply chain.
  • Help to operationalize the Supply chain technology investments with focus on the People and Organizational needs.
  • Work with Organizations to build Supply chain expertise and reduce the dependency on the costly external service providers.
  • Training the SCM Business and IT Users in Organizations on SCM technology, Tools to Deliver Sustainable and Individualized Approach to Training.
  • Provide the detailed and easy to use documentation, jobs aids, To-do lists for SCM business Users and IT Support for the SCM Technology Investments.

Because we built our reputation one project, one client, one year at a time. Because we deliver high-quality supply chain solutions that achieve better results for our clients. Because we invest in relationships that last for the long term. Because our rate of repeat business exceeds 95%. Because in the end, we clearly recognize that our success is defined by your success.

Medha Partners helps clients get better results from their supply chain planning and management by leveraging the SAP® SCM and analytics suite of products. We understand that success is part art, part science, and apply both creativity and technical experience to every project.











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