Supply Chain Implementation

The key to maximising rewards is minimising the level of risk. Medha Partners can do this by:

Supply Chain Project Implementation
  • Understanding the scope of the supply chain challenges your company trying to address.
  • Ensuring any new supply chain technology supports your organisation's overall business strategy.
  • Ascertain realistic objectives and time-frames for achieving the Project Goal.
  • Attaining results through meticulous project planning and execution supported by effective organisational change.
  • Assess whether functionality supports specific business scenarios.
  • Assembling a Knowledgeable, result oriented and self-driven project management team that combines internal as well as external resources where appropriate.


SCOR forms the backbone of Our SCM Implementation offering:

Agile Project Implementation:

1. Preparation Phase:

  • Supply chain Planning concept Training (Technologies, Directions, future).
  • Consolidates data from different sources to see all of your business’ operations in one place.
  • Requirement Gathering Workshops using Liberated Structures.
  • Identification of Key Business Cases for Proof of Concept.
  • System Built for Proof of concept with Customer Data.
  • System demo /Workshop for the POC presentation.
  • Collective Feedback on the solution fit for the key business Process.
  • Current Customer System Landscape Scanning.

  • High Level data flows for supporting supply chain planning.
  • Check List for next phase requisites.
  • Decision session:
    • High level Solution Map.
    • Project Implementation methodologies.
    • project team structure.
    • project timeline.
    • project risk assessment.
    • Supply chain planning Data Requirements.
    • Supply chain planning interfaces to the data source systems.
2. Explore Phase:

  • Organize the project Team (Scrum Master, Consultants, Client Business and IT team).
  • Detailed Requirement gathering workshop using Liberated Structures.
  • Create Product Backlog.
  • Plan for the Sprints.
  • Configure the system for the sprints execution.
3. Explore Phase:

  • Sprint execution..
  • Interface Designs and testing.
  • Integration Test.
  • Training manuals/ Videos/ User Job aids.
  • User Training.
  • User Acceptance test.

4. Deploy Phase:

  • Cutover Planning.
  • Organisation Readiness check.
  • Cutover Execution.
5. Run Phase:

  • Production Support with 3 planning cycles...
  • Handholding business users to create a comfort level in System usage.
  • Performance Tuning as required.